Blogmas Day 31:Best of 2013 ~ Beauty Edition

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Hello Everyone!
Last day for Blogmas!
I'm very proud of my self for finishing off this month with 31 posts and for not skipping any days!! It was a lot of fun to come up with different ideas and to share some of my days with you all. 
Now to end this years blogmas I decided to do this TAG of the Best of 2013.

~Beauty Edition~
Best of 2013


Until this year I had never tried a face primer on it's own because I wasn't to sure how I would like them; come to find out I love this product!
It has become a part of my daily routine and it makes putting on my foundation so much easier. 
(Check out my full review here).


This was a tough one!
I know what my favorite is right now, but throughout the year I had many favorite foundations; these are my top favorites of this year.

Covergirl Outlast 3 in 1 foundation Review.
Revlon Nearly Naked foundation Review.
The L'oreal foundation has always been a favorite since I first got it I have re-purchased it at least 3x.
It's always my back up foundation when I try a foundation and don't like it I can always count on it.


I'm not to sure what concealer I was loving the whole year but this has been one of my recent favorites. 
I don't always end up using it, I only use it when I have break outs or when I have bags underneath my eyes to hide. 


This powder has been amazing!
It leaves my face feeling matte and yet not cakey, it gives a natural look even when used on top of foundation. I have personally not used it alone but I do love using it on top of a bb cream as well, because bb creams can be very oily looking this powder sets it just right. 

Bronzer/Blush Palettes 

I used the flower blush&bronzer set for a long time. 
I really like how the bronzer contoured my cheeks and the pinky blush just looked so pretty. 
They both have shimmer but my face doesn't end up looking glittery at all. 
(Check out my review on the Flower collection here).

The bh cosmetics glamour palette has such great colors!
But my favorite I'm sure you can tell is the bronzy color on the bottom left corner. 
I have been using it non stop I like the bronze look it gives to my face and I don't even add any blush. 
(I talk more about this palette in my September Favorites).


Over the summer I was obsessed with this highlighter it's so pretty and leaves a nice shimmer on the checks. 


Almost the whole year I used my ELF eye brow. It's such a good product for only $3's.
I need to remember to pick up a new one.

With me dying my hair different colors throughout the year I stopped paying attention to my brows, I just began to brush them out and groom them.

Later in the year my mom let me have this Milani eye brow kit; I had herd good things so I gave it a try. 
I like that the shadows are lighter so I can lightly shape my brows without giving them to much attention. 

Eye Shadow Palettes

I like my eye make up to be very simple I normally just do one shade on my whole eye lid and add some eye liner and I'm ready to go. 
Both of these Clinique palettes were gifts and I ended up almost finishing the small one.
Like I said I use one shade and the just apply highlight to the inner tear duct and the brow bone. I love the colors in both of these palettes and I know they will be my favorites for awhile. 

Eye Liner

I have tried many different eye liners this year. I'm not even sure how many but this has definitely been one of my favorites I have re-purchased it so it remains one of my favorites for this year. 


I have tried so many mascaras this year from the Rocket Mascara to the Revlon Lash Potion and the Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara's. 
I don't think I had any that I hated they all had good things about them but these two were some of my favorites. 
The Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara has two sides to it, both worked really good and it was fun to use. 
The L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara has worked amazing on my lashes it makes them look so long and because I wear glasses I like my lashes to stand out a bit. 
(I talk more about the Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara in my Favorite Beauty Products).


I couldn't pick one so I thought I'd share my favorites of the whole year. 
From the beginning of the year I have worn this Flower beauty lipstick in Petal Kiss, it's a coral color and so pretty and natural looking. It leaves your lips matte and the color lasts a very long time for a drug store lipstick.
Hands down one of my favorite lipsticks has to be L'oreals' fairest nude (800). I love nude colors they go with everything and this one is such a pretty pinky nude I use it all year round. 
My newest favorite is thie NYX lipstick in Thalia. 
Such a smooth lipstick it glides on nicely and gives a pop of nude color. 
(Check out my full review on this product here.)

Lip Gloss

I don't use many lip glosses but I was a bit obsessed with this one over the summer. 
It's a pretty gloss that goes with almost any lipstick. I enjoyed it. 

Wow! A lot of beauty products to share!!
I hope you enjoyed this post and all my other posts this month as much as I did.
Thank you so much for you support and for those of you who commented on my blog and also liked my Instagram pictures this past month!
Wishing you all a Happy and Safe New Years Eve!!!!
Talk to you guys next year ;)

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  1. Those are great stuff ! I really love a few of those

  2. Me too! Most are drugstore so I love how affordable they are for anyone :)

  3. love these post because these kind of posts also give me an idea what to buy or not.thanks girl
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    1. I love these kinds of posts and videos for the same reason! :) you are very welcome!! Thank you for stopping by & commenting!

  4. Great favourites Gabriela! I love reading this kind of posts, very useful! But not great for my wallet ;p

    1. I'm glad you liked it! :) and yes it's very hard to not go to the drugstore or target and pick up everything I see lol