Blogmas Day 6: Quick Nail Tip

1:11 PM

Hello Everyone!
I've had this nail combo for a couple of days now and I already got many compliments, so I wanted to share my quick little nail tip with you. This is for those lazy days when you don't feel like doing your nails but you want to add something special to them.

Quick Tip:
The other day I noticed some chipping on the tips of my nails and instead of re-doing them the same color, because I'm obsessed with this color I just added some sparkle to the tips.
It's really easy to do, you pick how far down you want the glitter to go; because my nails are pretty long right now I wanted the glitter to look like flakes dripping down my nails. 
This is a quick way to spice up your nails and at the same time making your nails look fresh like you just stepped out of the nail shop.
I had some people ask if I got them done at a nail salon, that's always nice to hear.

Color Combo:
Julie Nail Color in 'Elegant Edge' & Julie Nail Color in 'A Star is Born'

Loving the silver glitter with this nail color & my everyday silver heart ring. 
I'm normally obsessed with gold everything; gold glitter, nails, and jewelry. 
I plan on trying this tip out with white nail polish, I will show you how that turns out soon. 

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  1. I know its so crazy!! & I don't want to cut them down I just file them down a little sometimes. The Sally Hansen strengthener I use has helped a lot, because I haven't had a broke nail in a long time.