Blogmas Day 9: Red Hair Routine

8:42 PM

Hello Everyone!
Today I bring you my hair care routine for RED hair!
My hair routine has changed a lot since I dyed it red for the first time about 5 weeks ago. 
Since then I have only dyed it one more time, which I will go into detail later. 
The only down side to red hair is that it's very high maintenance, so beware if your thinking of adding red to your hair, but I love it!

Red Hair Routine 

List of Products: 
Big Sexy Hair-Hair Spray Ulta
Riveting Reds Shampoo & Conditioner Sally Beauty
(On Sale: $7.50 each Original Price: $15.79)
Dove-Dry Shampoo ($4-5) Target 
L'oreal Ever Sleek Precious Oil Treatment Target

Mini Review: 
This Shampoo & Conditioner combo have been a big help to maintaining my hair color. I think without this product my hair wouldn't be holding it's color the way it is. 

What it Claims: 
Enhances color making it appear brighter and more vibrant
Boosts red highlights and increases shine
Reduces appearance of frizz
Refreshes Natural Color
Moisturizes hair

Some of the ingredients it contains are Vitamin C, wheat protein, red henna extract and sunflower seed extract. The combination of all these ingredients helps deposit the hair color back into your hair and it also maintains the brightness in your hair. 

My Thoughts: 
I have been using this Shampoo & Conditioner for over a month now and like I said earlier I love this stuff. 
It does most of the stuff it claims. 
It definitely enhances my hair color makes it seem brighter and more vibrant after every wash. 
It has made my highlights look so much brighter, they have yet to start fading and I re-dyed it about a week ago now. 
I have washed it at least 3-4 times.

Quick Warning: 
This stuff is bright, bright, red, it looks like blood it's even thick and trust me it will stain your towels or whatever touches it. 

The only complaint I have about the Riveting products has to be that it doesn't moisturize my hair it does the complete opposite it actually leaves it feeling pretty dry. 

Which brings me to my next product. 

This L'oreal Oil Treatment helps moisturize my hair after every wash. 
I use about two drops of it (a very small amount) at the ends of my hair. I keep it away from my roots because I try to keep away from washing my hair a lot.  

All these products are going in the same order that I use them in my routine, the next one after washing my hair and adding moister and oils to my it has to be my handy dandy dry shampoo. 
Sometimes a life saver for bad hair days or those days where you want to keep away from washing your hair or you just don't have time too. 

How I use it: 
 When I'm getting ready the first thing I do to my hair is brush it out and spray some dry shampoo to the front of my hair and don't forget about the back of your hair; I normally will spray it to half way down my head. After this I will jump in the shower with my hair up. After the shower I put my hair down and blow dry it out again brushing it out to take away any oiliness and wet spots. 
This leaves my hair feeling fresh, smelling great and not looking or feeling dirty (very important). 

Any time I don't feel like doing my hair it's normally going to be a bun kind of day whether I do a high bun or a low bun. Now because I have layers I need a strong hair spray to hold my little bun down and that's when I use this baby. I love this hair spray. I also use it to keep my curls when I do curl my hair. 

Red Hair Update:
Now I want to share some hair updates with you of my hair color. 
The picture in the middle is how I had my hair done the last time I went to the salon about a week ago. 
I got my highlights done a little darker, which I really liked how it blended well and made my hair a little darker. 
The pictures on the sides are how my hair looks right now, with no flash (on the left) and with flash (on the right). I honestly think my hair color has held very well and I owe it all to the shampoo & conditioner. 
I've had red hair before and by the first wash my hair is a completely different color, it's insane. 

Also please keep in mind my hair looks different in all different lighting, I did my best to get you to see the real color. I'm very happy with my red hair experience and my hair care routine right now. 
I hope you enjoyed this post!
Please feel free to ask any questions. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. Buenas, espero estes muy bien, mi nombre es zulay garcia, soy de venezuela, te escribo ya que me gusto tu post de rutina de pelo rojo, esto debido a que me acabo de teñir el cabello de este color y me interesa conseguir tanto el shampoo y acondicionador que usas Riverting Reds.. ya que aca en mi pais es dificil conseguirlos.. bueno me interesa saber si de donde eres se puede conseguir, (por cierto de donde eres) para asi averiguar en cuanto seria el envio a mi pais y encargarme del pago del mismo.. claro siempre que este a mi alcanse.. bueno linda espero puedas responderme pronto..