Blogmas Day 22: Julep Luxe Repair Review

10:54 PM

Hello Everyone!
So with all my reviews I like to try out the products at least a couple of days before I share my thoughts.
I've been using this product for about a week now; I didn't purchase it I got it as a Christmas gift from my family.
Check out my un-boxing post here.

Julep Luxe Repair

What it Claims:
Rejuvenating serum
Delivers deep hydration and essential nutrients
 Helps re-build skin from the inside out
For all skin types
Use on face, hands, and body.

$28.00 Julep

First Impressions: 
My first thoughts were what a fancy little bottle and I couldn't wait to try it!
I wasn't sure what to expect with this serum, was it going to be a creamy serum or a watery one.
Well, to my surprise it was very watery.
I applied it to the back of my hand and it slid all around, I learned my listen.
You have to apply generously. 

You have to use this product pretty carefully so you don't waste any product. I've been using half a pump, I will first apply to the back of my hand and then apply where needed just like the instructions say. 
I normally apply a dab to my forehead, cheeks, and chin whatever I have left over I rub my hands with and it leaves both my face and hands very smooth.

This serum is very watery.
It's very easy to work with and I actually found that it dried up a zit that I had and it made it go away over night, which was amazing!

Your skin is glowing after using this product. 

I really have been enjoying this product. I'm very happy I got in in my Julep box. 
To be honest I still don't think I would pay $28's for 1 serum even tough it is a very good amount of product. 
I give it a 4 out of 5. 

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