Blogmas Day 19: Last Minute Gift Ideas for Her

2:50 PM

Hello Everyone!
Okay this gift ideas is for your last minute shopping!
Let's say you're at Target shopping for your self, and you remember a certain friend, co worker or girl in your life that you missed while doing your Christmas shopping; or  maybe a brother, cousin, or friends girlfriend who you know will be at the Christmas party and you don't want to leaver her out. 

So you've forgotten someone, what do you do!?

 I would normally go with a gift card but sometimes gift cards say this is your last minute gift "Oops, sorry here you go." I think gift cards are a great gift for someone who has either asked for them or some one who is really picky, in that case let them pick out their own gift. 
Here are some ideas I came up with which are all great gifts and things you can find anywhere, really.

List of Items:
Knit Earmuff Head Phones-Target $15's
Gloves-Target Staring at $16's
Flower Earrings- Target Starting at $7's
Gold Earrings-Target Staring at $7's
Gold Chain Bracelet-Target Starting at $12's
Glitter Phone Case-Target Starting at $9's
Kiss Lock Wallet-Target Starting at $9's 
Red Cross Body Bag-Target Starting at $12's
Black Cross Body Bag-Target

I've seen all these items range in price depending on where you go I've seen them at Target, Ross, and Jcpenney. This shows you at least thought of the person even if you did almost forget about them and if you keep your budget low if they don't like it or end up not using it you didn't break your budget but you showed them you cared.
I hope this is helpful!

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  1. Nice ideas! Especially, the black cross body bag *-*
    I would be tempted to keep it for me :)

    1. Yes!! I would so get all this stuff for my self lol :-)