Blogmas Day 15: Julep Unboxing

6:43 PM

Hello Everyone!
So this is very exciting for me! My cousins, aunt, and uncle gifted me this awesome subscription as a Christmas gift this year!
When they told me this year would be different I wasn't to sure what to expect (lol) and today I got the box in the mail and I can't wait to share!

Julep Unboxing

What is Julep?
Julep is a subscription service to anything having to do with nails and beauty. 
They release new products every month such as different nail polish colors and new beauty products. 
The subscription is $19.99/month and the items can be up to $50's in value. 
Shipping is free. 
Every box comes with a special surprise. 
The items are based on the quiz you take when you sign up.
Sign up here

The Bombshell
I'm sure my cousin took the test for me and I think she did an awesome job!
The quiz results come in the box and it says I'm a Bombshell.
(Thanks cousin)

I was so excited to see all the goodies I would be getting. 
When you first open the box it Welcomes you to Julep! 
It's packaged very nicely and I think very fancy. 

Of course my nail polish addict self gravitated towards the nail polishes first!
The colors are amazing & perfect for the holidays!
I can't wait to change my nail colors. 

Kendra (for the it girl)
Zelda (for the bombshell)
Isla (for the boho glam girl)

I noticed on all the packaging for these products they are animal cruelty free which is always a good thing especially with beauty products. 

My surprise in this box was an extra nail polish, how awesome is that!

The next thing that stuck out was this little beauty product, I wasn't sure what it was but after reading it it's a skin serum. It's to help prevent aging and to keep skin looking radiant. I'm all for that so I will definitely be giving this a try and updating you about it. 

Aside from the nail polishes I was super excited to find this item in my box!
I've seen people talk about it before and I can't believe it was included in my first box. 
It's an acetone free conditioning nail polish remover with a pump!
(Sorry for the exclamation points all over this post but I really am excited). 

So excited to try this out & how cute is it!

Included in the box was a mini julep tote, it's so cute I have all my stuff in it right now!

List of Products:
3 Julep Nail Polishes
Julep Conditioning Nail Polish Remover
Julep Luxe Repair (Skin Serum)

On one of the brochures I also learned that a percentage of the proceeds of each nail polish goes towards helping women, the proceeds go to there organization Powered by Girlfriends program. 
Any company that is animal cruelty free and that helps a good causes I think is amazing and definitely an awesome gift!
I hope you enjoyed this post and that you shared my excitement with me.
I will have nail polish swatches coming up and of course some reviews on the new products.
Thank you to my family for knowing me so well!

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