Blogmas Day 28: Hazel the Guinea Pig

8:09 PM

Hello Everyone!
So for my little sister's Christmas gift I decided to get her something that has been on her wish list since the beginning of the year for her birthday, she has mentioned many times how she really wanted a guinea pig and well, she got one!

My mom and I both agreed on paying for it together because it adds up when your getting a pet for the first time, they need; a cage, bedding, food, snacks, toys and of course you have to purchase the pet. 
We did attempt to adopt one at first but the one they had at Petco was a bit older and being that it was going to be my sisters first guinea pig, ever, she wanted a baby one. 

I would like to introduce our new family member,
 Hazel the Guinea Pig!
Find her @hazeltheguineapig on Instagram

Serious face. 

I think she liked the camera she seemed to be posing for the pictures. 

She still is pretty scared to be around humans, the animal care taker at Petco warned us about this. 
We are still getting use to picking her up when she is scared. 

I wanted to leave you with this cute picture of her bum!
She is so adorable we all can't get enough of her and we have learned that guinea pigs love attention so we all try to hold her as much as possible.

Quick Guinea Pig Fact:
They have to be held at least 30 minutes a day or else they feel pretty lonely. 
Isn't that cute!?

I hope you all enjoyed this cute post.
Oh I also took these pictures with my Cannon 7D DSLR; it takes amazing pictures. 

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  1. Shes very interesting to watch!! she won't let us see her eating or snacking it's really funny :)