Blogmas Day 11: Nails of the Day

10:34 PM

Hello Everyone!
So yesterday I saw this polish on my moms vanity and I was like OMG, what a pretty color!
I didn't pay attention to the name or anything and decided to re-do my nails from white to this pretty pearl white. 

Nails of the Day

Armand Dupree Nail Strengthener
Umm, yes, it's a nail strengthener, when I tried looking for a color shade I realized this isn't a nail polish it's meant to strengthen your nails. Which to be honest after using acetone and doing my nails a couple of times a week and never giving them a break I'm glad this strengthener has a little color to it. 
I also think it's a pretty shade 


No Flash

I love the metallic, shimmery color and the fluorescent look.  
The only thing I don't like is that it's a very thin layer so you can see through the nail, which after finding out it wasn't a polish I realized why (lol). 
I hope you enjoyed this post!

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