Blogmas Day 26: Holiday Nails

6:29 PM

Hello Everyone!
A tragedy happen to me, with my nails, on Christmas Eve!
I was driving my dads car and his car door slammed in to my nail and broke it from the middle of the nail bed up. Ouch is right!? It hurt like... well you know.
So of course I had to chop them down, I was very sad about it because I have maintained my nails pretty long but then again my nails will grow quickly so no worries.
Here are my short little nails inspired by the holidays.

Holiday Nails

Doing my nails with this Julep polish was amazing!
I used my Sally Hansen's nail strengthener, one coat of polish and my Seche Vite top coat and I was good to go! 

The color is so pretty!
I love my golds so this has to be one of my top favorite polishes already and it's the first time I used it. 

It's a perfect color to make my short nails look more girly. 

Julep in Zelda (for the bombshell)

Yay for the holidays, they aren't over till new years is over!
I hope you enjoyed this short post on my nails of the day. 
Thank you for stopping by & we're almost done with this years Blogmas!!

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  1. Your nails are still quite long (compared to mine) and look good :)
    I don't have any Julep nail polishes, but they seem great. The color is so lovely and classy!

    1. Yes they are! I shouldn't complain. Julep has a lot of great colors, I have another one to try out it's a pretty white silvery color, I'm very excited to try it and maybe add some glitter :)