Blogmas Day 4: Gift Ideas for the Beauty Lover

4:42 PM

Hello Everyone!
With Christmas around the corner I'm sure most of us are running around shopping for the girls in our lives.
This gift idea guide is meant for the beauty lover!
The girl in your life who is obsessed with make up, or just being girly in general; I'm sure we all have someone like this in our lives I know I do.

Beauty Lover

1. Real Techniques (Sam's Picks) Brush Set from Ulta for $29.99. 
Any girl who loves make up will appreciate a fun new set of brushes and I think this set is so cool!
It comes with different brushes there are also different sets you can pick from out of this brand, and from my experience the brushes are amazing.

2. Philosophy Peppermint Stick Set. 
Small sets like this are fun to give to a working mom, aunt, cousin friend or co worker.
These are things people don't normally buy for themselves so why not gift them a spa set, lotions or creams for themselves.

3. Deborah Lipman Nail Set from Sephora for $19.00. 
This is an example of a nail gift set, there are many different ones which very in price and of course brand. But this is great for that girl in your life that is obsessed with nails and maybe she doesn't like to spend to much on nail polish, this would be a great treat for her to try some new brands.

4. Curling wand you can find them anywhere starting from $19-$100+. 
Any beauty lover needs a curling wand in her life, and they're so many different kinds and shapes of curling wands now a days, so why not spice up her collection.
Ulta has some pretty great sales. 

5. Fragrance Sampler from Sephora $24.99. 
When I first saw this at Sephora I thought it was such a cool gift idea!
Sometimes when gifting fragrances you can't really tell what she is going to like or she may not like the scent and then be stuck with a full size perfume. This great gift idea allows them to sample different perfumes and choose their favorite, then they can go into Sephora and pick up a rollerball for themselves.
They also have a sampler set which let's them get a full size perfume.
Check out the different sets here

6. Lorac Unzipped Palette at Sephora.
A nude eye shadow palette can add to any girls collection and become one of her everyday favorites depending on her style you can choose a bright palette or something neutral like this palette from Lorac.
This also makes the gift pretty personal because your showing her you know her style.

I picked these gifts because I thought they would all make that girl in your life pretty happy. I wasn't so focused on the budged but these are just ideas I hope they give you some inspiration and work them into your budget.
Thank you for stopping by!

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