Blogmas Day 12: Gift Ideas for Teens

10:55 PM

Hello Everyone!
Today was a very long day for me but I still have a post planned to share with you all!
I would like to share some gift ideas for the teens in our lives. 
They can be so picky and I wanted to give you some simple and safe gift ideas for them. 
Kids know a days are so picky and expensive because of technology or what not, so I wanted to give you something where you can't really go wrong. 

Gift Ideas for Teens

I know gift cards can seem a little to cheesy or just too boring but I have to say you can't really go wrong with them! I think if you pick out the right gift card for someone or in this case a teen it's a really cool gift. It shows you know the person and that you want them to be happy with their gift and give them the chance to enjoy it or shop for their own things.

One idea I have this year is to create a 'gift basket' and fill it up with all kinds of things that person likes for example: A popcorn bowl, the ones that come ready to throw in the microwave, a cool movie or movie tickets with snacks or little nick-nacks.  
Something they would enjoy!

Back in my days we weren't allowed to even use a phone, let alone have our own cell phone (lol). 
Now almost every kid has the newest phone out there, I swear it's crazy. 
This brings me to these crazy phone cases!
From boys to girls you can find phone cases anywhere and they allow you to give something personal to that teen in your life. 

This has to be the most expensive item on this gift ideas list.
I think these are so great to give to teens because they are always listening to music or watching videos online or on the computer, so how cool would these be. I've noticed if you keep buying the cheap ear phones they don't last to long so why not give them something that will last and something a lot cooler. 

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I hope this was helpful & that you enjoyed! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

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