Blogmas Day 7: L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara Review

10:21 PM

Hello Everyone!
I have been waiting so long so share this review with all of you and it's finally here!
It took me awhile because I have never tried a mascara like this one and wanted to make sure I loved it or hated it before I shared my thoughts with all of you.
If you've tried this mascara lately please share your thoughts I would love to know if you loved it or hated it.
Let's get in to it.

Voluminous Butterfly Mascara 

What it Claims: 
The 'Butterfly Brush' with it's asymmetrical lash line shape extends and lifts outer corner of lashes to give the winged out effect. 
Instantly volumizes lashes at the roots and stretches them outward.
Cocoon Fibers wrap the lashes softly and  create a silky effect. 

$7.99 at Target
(Ranges in price depending on location)

First Impressions:
First thing I noticed was the brush, it's one of the most unique looking brushes I have ever tried. 
I also have to say I fell in love with the packaging, so cool and edgy for a mascara, at least I think so. 
When applying it for the first time I instantly noticed how the corners of my lashes were flaring out very quickly, because of the brush. It was very easy to use and it shaped into my lashes which I really liked. 

Let's talk about this crazy looking brush, when you first look at it it is a little intimidating. 
I do have to say the first time I applied it I was scared to put it near my eye. The brush is pretty big and bulky compared to other mascaras. 
Once you do use it it's so amazing it glides right on to the lashes and just like it claims it wraps around them coating them just right and evenly stretching them out and giving them the winged out look. I think the flexibility of the brush helps the mascara go on easier and apply evenly. 
For my bottom lashes I also enjoy using the butterfly side of the brush because the brush separates my small lashes and leaves them looking a lot longer. 
I've seen some reviews where people talk about having to switch from eye to eye and having to switch hands or not being able to use the brush the right way depending on if your left or right handed. 
Well I'm right handed I had no problems, at first you have to hold the brush a little awkward but it's no big deal nothing you can't get use to. And at the end my lashes end up matching and that's all that matters. 

Very thick consistency.
In the picture below you can see how thick the mascara looks on my lashes. 
It's very easy to work with, it dries quickly but you are able to layer up your mascara and it won't flake on you. Throughout the day I don't notice any flakes or smudges. 

I think this is a great mascara, it's very different from anything out there I personally have been enjoying using it for the last couple of weeks. I do plan on re-purchasing it which is also a good sign.
The formula, brush and everything about this mascara is great. 
I also really like the winged out look because I think it goes great with my everyday winged liner, they complete each other just right and I love it. 
I give it a 5 out 5. 

I hope you enjoyed this post & if you give this mascara a try please let me know what you thought about it!!
If I missed anything and you have any questions please feel free to ask me. 
Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. I didn't even know this existed lol. I haven't seen it at my local drugstores.

    1. I didn't know either but I spotted it at Target awhile ago and it looked really cool & different so I had to pick it up! I haven't seen many people talk about it either. It should be at Target now!