Blogmas Day 16: My go-to Outift

4:19 PM

Hello Everyone!
These past couple of weeks I've had my go to outfit and what I mean by that is that I want to wear nothing but this (lol). Obviously I try not to wear it all the time but when I get home or when I want to be comfy this is what I go to.

My go to items: 
Leggings H&M
Cardigan Ross
Red Bag (Gift)
Black ankle booties Target On Sale for $24.48
(Every time I look up the black ankle booties they keep going down in price!)

This outfit is so comfy and I am seriously obsessed with my cream & black cardigan; it's very similar to the one above except mine has full sleeves which is amazing!The ankle booties are super comfy and go so well with the leggings. I didn't mention a top because I normally go with a plain white or black shirt.
My favorite part of this outfit aside from the cardigan is the pop of red with the bag!
I have been adding a pop of red to all my outfits if possible (lol) I think it's a holiday thing.
I hope this inspires some of your outfits and makes them comfy but still cute!

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  1. The cardigan is just.. wow! So beautiful!!

    1. I love the cardigan! and I've seen it a lot in different stores and styles :-)