Blogmas Day 18: Christmas Tree on My Nails

11:40 PM

Hello Everyone!
So today I want to share my first impressions on the Julep box products that I received the other day. 
If you haven't yet seen my un-boxing post check it out here
I was very excited to use everything that came in the box and of course used them the same day.
Here are some of my thoughts on the nail products!


List of Products:
Julep Acetone Free Conditioning Nail Polish Remover
Julep Nail Color in Kendra 

My Tools:
Nail Filer
Q tips
Nail Polish Remover 
(to dip my nails in to and clean up edges)

This nail polish remover with a pump is amazing!
It's so helpful and I really like it because your nail polish will not spill! Which if you do your nails at home you know that's the worst, when you have nail polish remover all over.
This products allows you to keep things easy and nice and clean. 

The nail polish remover itself removes the polish very well and what I really like is that it leaves my nails moisturized and it definitely doesn't dry them up like other nail polish removers. 

Quick Tip:
Don't pump it to hard because then you will have polish squirt from the side (lol)
Trust me. 

This nail polish has a great color pay off it really looks great with just one coat.
I also noticed the consistency of the polish is very thick which is really nice because when you apply it it goes on smoothly and layers the nail very well. 

The Brush:
For me in particular when I do my nails the most important thing is the brush; if the brush distributes the nail polish evenly it makes doing my nails so much easier.
This polish has a great brush, it's not to thick and not to thin, it's just right. 

I normally always apply two coats. 
I really like the second coat to go on and make my nails look thicker and perfectly coated with the color. 
I also think it makes the color pop a little more. 


Final Thoughts:
I probably say this about almost all my nail polishes (lol) but I am obsessed with this color!
It seriously feels like I have a Christmas tree on my nails.
It's the perfect green for the season and it has a gold shimmer which makes me think of the lights on the Christmas tree. 

(Natural Light)

Depending on the lighting this shade can seem like a black color but when the light hits it (like the flash or sun) it shimmers and looks so pretty!

For a more detailed post on how I do my nails step by step, at home check out my How to at Home Manicure post. Oh, and by the way for those wondering these are my real nails! No fake nails here.
I haven't had acrylics in over two years and not thinking of using them any time soon. I'm very happy with my real nails right now and how healthy they are. 
I hope you enjoyed this post & if I missed anything and you have any questions about these products please fell free to ask down below!
Thank you so much for stopping by.

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