How To: At Home Manicure

6:29 PM

Hello Everyone!!
For the longest time I have wanted to share how I do my own nails.
I get compliments on my nails and always wanted to share little tips that help me make doing my nails at home easier.
I hope you find this helpful, enjoy!

Nail Tools:
Nail polish 100% Acetone - Walmart
Nail polish remover(dip it) - Target
Seche Vite - Sally Beauty
Nail filer of your choice
Nail Polish

Start with clean nails/hands. 

Begin to file, buff, and shine your nails.
I love this nail filer, I got it from sally beauty supply, each side has its own purpose. 
Leaves nails buffed and shiny.

After you have completed that step, continue to shape your nails the way you like them. 
I like my nails squared but I round the tips if that makes sense. 
I don't like them looking like squares. 
The length of my nails changes all the time, I prefer medium length, but sometimes a nail brakes and I file all the others to match the shortest one. 

After filling your nails they will be all dusty so go on and wash them just like if you were at a nail salon. 

Rinse rinse. 

Pat dry your nails. 

Start painting your nails. 

Quick Tip: 
I always paint my thumbs last, because I use them to clean up any small mistakes on my nails.
It's easier than using a Q-tip. 
 It has happened to me many times when I use Q-tips and I smudge the whole nail and have to start over. 
To avoid that I use my thumb nail and for any bigger mistakes I use the Q-tips.

After you have painted all your nails apply your favorite top coat. 

Wash your hands again and apply some lotion to avoid dry skin from the acetone/nail polish remover. 

...and ta-da you are all done with your at home manicure. 

I try to keep it simple and not get to fancy with it. I don't do designs or anything like that.
If your looking for some one to do your nails with awesome designs check out Stephanie on Instagram @stefapee. 

Thank you for your support and for all your love!
I hope you enjoyed!!

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  1. Try it again!take your time it took me yeaaars before they looked decent lol :D