March Outfit Recap

9:02 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Before we are too deep into April I wanted to recap my March outfits.
I think its fun looking back to see what  I wore it reminds me of what went on during that month.
In this recap you can see my style is pretty simple I've said it before I'm all about comfort.
I'm the type of person if I'm not comfortable I'm not having a good time and I will let it be known haha jk I'm not that evil. 

March Outfits of the Day/Night

Check out the full posts:
1) Blue Blazer here. 
2) Comfy in Denim here
3) Stripe it up for work here
4) Lady in Black here

Check out the full posts: 
1) Day to night in T-shirt here.
2) The Jeans Vest here.
3) Maxi Dress here.
4) Nine to Five in Peplum here.

I have had a lot going on and not really dressing up enough to post any outfits.
Please let me know if you have any requests on new products to review or anything like that.
I hope you enjoyed!!

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