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Hello Everyone!!
Today I wanted to do something a little different, on YouTube I have seen many videos on monthly empties or products that hit pan. Sense I have a couple products I wanted to share I decided to show you before these products hit the trash can. So that I don't throw them out and forget to share. 
I hope you enjoy!!

Beauty Products

List of products: 
Cetaphil daily facial cleanser ~ Target
Queen Helene Mint Julep facial scrub ~ Sally Beauty Supply
Garnier Fructis Flat iron protector ~ Target
Olay Complete moisturizer ~ Target

The Cetaphil face wash has been one of my favorites for years, and I have yet to get a new bottle. 
This has lasted me I want to say over 2 years. Which I think is great. You don't need a lot of product to cleanse your face, it does the job right and also very inexpensive. 

The mint julep facial scrub I love!
It makes your face feel fresh and clean. I normally keep this in the shower and use it every other day. 

The Olay moisturizer for me goes hand in hand with the Cetaphil cleanser. They have been a good match for me to use in the morning and at night time. 

The Garnier Fructis flat iron perfector has worked so good for me!
I always spray this on my hair straight out of the shower along with the Garnier Fructis moroccan oil
Together they leave my hair nice and sleek.
 Even if I'm not applying heat it leaves my hair freeze free and smelling really good. 


List of Products: 
Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabolous foundation ~ Target
L'oreal true match powder ~ Target
Maybelline Rocket Mascarra ~ Target
L'oreal lineur in black ~ Target
Elf eyebrow kit ~ Target

The Covergirl foundation, I can't rave enough about this foundation it's just amazing. 
It saves me so much time, I don't need to apply any extra products to my face just apply foundation powder and good to go. 
Check out my full review here

The L'oreal true match powder is another product I rave about it matches me perfectly and evens out everything. Love, love, love it!


The Rocket mascarra, this has been really good to me. Sense I got it I have not stopped using it.
It makes my lashes feel long and spidery I love it!
Check out my full review here

The L'oreal lineur is pretty good. 
It was definitely a big difference from my elf $1 liner. 
But I have to say I will be looking for something different to try out. It's a good eye liner but it tends to flake and dry up really easily. What I did love about it was the wand it makes a winged liner very easy, but I did notice after many uses the tip starts to split and also dry up, no bueno. 

I love my elf products and this one is one of my favorites. 
I like how matte the brown shade is I use it for my whole lid and of course to my eyebrows.
I'ts the perfect shade and it lasts all day on my eyebrows. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!!
If you have any recommendations on products I should try please let me know!!

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