Maybelline Rocket Mascara Review

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Hello Everyone!!
I have been using this mascara for the last couple of days, sense I hauled it (here). 
I tend to stick to one mascara and not try out new ones so this is me stepping out of my comfort zone. 
I re purchased the Maybelline colossal maybe 5-6 times. 
But this review is on the Maybelline Volum' Express The rocket washable mascara.

The Rocket Mascara
What it claims:
This mascara claims to be bigger, smoother, clump free, volumizing and thickening to the lashes. 
It is a gel formula which claims to keep lashes smooth. 
It comes in blackest black, brownish black, and very black. 
Price: $5.94 at Target.

My First Impression: 
I thought the wand was pretty big and was a bit scared it would get messy, and I turned out to be right. 
When you are applying the mascara you have to be very careful so that you don't get it all over your eye lids. I normally keep some q-tips around to wipe of any mistakes.  
I applied 3 coats. 

Do I love it or hate it?
It does give the spidery effect to the lashes but it gives them so much length and after curling  my lashes they keep the volume all day long. Yes I said curling them after I am guilty of curling my lashes, adding mascara and curling them again, it works for me and I love the results. 

Keeping it real here with my roots showing hardly any make up on but I wanted to focus on just the mascara. You can see the length it gives and NO clumping!

The bad things to this mascara are pretty miner at least to me, first the wand is pretty big to work with but I can get over it. Second the mascara does flake after a couple of hours so you do have to check in the mirror to make sure your eyes aren't flaky. 

Other than that so far everything it claims is true my favorite part is the length and the no clumping. 
I give this mascara a 4 out 5. 

Have you tried this yet, what do you think of it??
I hope this was helpful and that you enjoyed!!
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