Flower Collection First Impressions & Review

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Hello Everyone!!
I hauled this collection this past weekend (check out my haul here) and I could not wait to try it out.
 Throughout the week I have tried some of the products and wanted to share with you my first impressions, what I think of them so far, and some swatches of the products.
The weather has been so nice out that I only thought it would be fair to take these photos outdoors.
 I hope you enjoy!

Flower Collection by Drew Barrymore 

Flower Ready Set Glow Blush&Bronzer Duo ~ Peachy Keen

My Review: 
Compared to my $3.00 Elf Blush&Bronzer this product works great and I don't mind that it is $9.98.  
The bronzer contours my face very nicely and it doesn't make my face look or feel dirty, some bronzers are hard to blend and don't look as natural.
 The blush is very pretty not to bright just a slight pinky glow.
 So far I am loving this duo and it has replaced my Elf blush&bronzer duo. 

Flower Nail'd It Nail Lacquer

Fanatical Botanical

Gorgeous Gerbera

My review: 
As soon as I got a chance I put these polishes on my nails, the first one I tried out was Fanatical Botanical it's such a pretty color. It is a rose gold and pinky shade and it is amazing!
 I have yet to see a similar shade to it and I am obsessed.
Today I tried the Gorgeous Gerbara and I am in love, the shade is between a coral and a pink nude.
So pretty and definitely gives me a tan. 
Another great thing is that the polish has lasted 3-4 days on my nails, now I did put a top coat, I used the Seche Vite so that has a lot to do with the lasting power. 
But again I am so happy with the quality of the polishes they apply nicely and I just needed two coats.
The price is pretty good too only $4.98

Flower Kiss Sticks

My First Impression:
When I first opened these lips sticks and swatched them, the colors are so pretty, they go on very smoothly and are very vibrant. I can't wait for summer and spring to come so I can wear these shades, heck I could wear them now.  
Both are $6.98 at Walmart. 

Flower Kiss Stick Velvet Lip Color~ Petal Kiss

My thoughts: 
Such a pretty color and I have to say this one does have a velvety texture its more matte with a slight shine. 
The name is pretty cute too. 
Find it at Walmart here

Flower Kiss Stick High Shine Lip Color~ Rose Bud

My thoughts: 
It is a high shine lip stick with a pretty red color. I can't wait to rock this one either. 
To me this is the the perfect red it looked so pretty on Drew Barrymore on the campaign pictures if you haven't seen it here is a picture of it.

How gorgeous does it look. 
While I was shopping for the collection I was on a hunt for this color and read the tiny print to see which one it was. 
Find it at Walmart here

Overall I think this is a great collection at least the things I purchased I am loving. 
Another great thing about the collection is that as far as I know they are not tested on animals. 
My younger sister recently wrote an essay about animal testing and it's horrible the things they do to innocent little animals in order to get a perfect shade of lipstick. 
I don't want to get to much into this because I am not to informed about the topic, but if you are check out Beauty Savvy on Youtube she has great videos on the topic. 
The price for the products is pretty reasonable as well. I had no problem paying what I did for each item, because I am very happy with the results. 
Again I will say I wish this collection was available at Target just saying...
I hope you enjoyed this First impression/Review. If you have any questions please ask. 
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