Weekend Hauling

8:07 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Over the weekend I did some damage at Target and Walmart, I went to buy deodorant and this is what I ended up with. 
Oh I did go to Walmart just to check out the Flower collection by Drew Barrymore.
Have you checked it out yet??

Target Haul 

Work Tote in black from Target (here). 
I have been searching for a new work bag/tote and I have only seen pleather ones. 
My bag tends to get a little heavy and over time my bags fall apart, the strap tears off and I have been left with one strap, not the cutest thing let me tell you. 
So while shopping at target I spotted this big tote, with a strap and handles.

Deodorant Lady Speed Stick from Target
Last year I went on a camping trip and purchased a travel kit that came with mini everything (I love that stuff) and in that kit came a travel size Lady speed stick deodorant. I had never tried it before but that weekend I feel in love with it. It kept me feeling fresh the whole day and it did not stain my black clothes. After that I went and got me the full size and I have been using it sense. 

Studded Ballet Flats in Cognac from Target (here).
I always check the clearance section for clothes, shoes, and make up. 
The first thing I noticed was a black pair of studded flats but they didn't have my size.
  So as I was walking away thinking to bad no good deals, I spotted these flats in the corner all I could see was size 8 1/2. 
As I picked them up I noticed the clearance sticker, $13.98!

I love the gold stud details around the shoe and of course I already wore them and they are so comfortable. 
With flats I have learned to get them in 8 1/2 instead of a regular size 8 because it leaves a little room so that the flats don't rub up on the back of my feet and give me blisters. 

Walmart Haul
Flower Collection by Drew Barrymore sold only at Walmart or online here
Ready set glow blush&bronzer duo in Peachy Keen (here).
Kiss stick in Petal Kiss (here). 
High Shine lipstick in Rose Bud (here).
Nail polishes in Gorgeous Gerbera & Fanatical Botanical (here). 

After hearing about this line I went on a hunt for it and my nearest Walmart didn't have the collection so I had to go to another Walmart and I was so excited to check out this line. 
The packaging is so pretty and girly.
Now I wasn't to excited to try certain things from the collection, I felt that I already had similar products and didn't want to spend money on something I wouldn't be using. 
When I am shopping I like to have a reason for getting each item, it keeps me on a budget. 
Now I will go in detail why I picked each item. 

Ready set Glow blush&bronzer duo
I have been using the elf blush&bronzer duo for years now and I wanted to try something new. 
When I saw this was in the collection I new I had to pick it up. It was actually the first thing I grabbed. 

Lip Sticks

Drew Barrymore always has a pretty lip so the first thing I did was check what lipstick she was wearing in the pictures for the collection and it was this gorgeous red lip and the color was Rose bud. 
That was my first choice. 
Then I saw this pretty peachy pink color and had to have it, the color is Petal kiss. 

Nail polishes 
My favorite part! 
I have already given these a try and I don't want to spoil my review on this collection so you will have to wait and see what I think of them. 

As soon as I saw the colors I knew I had to have these two. 

I will have a review on all these products coming up soon!
Let me know if you have given this collection a try and what you though of it.
I hope you enjoyed this long haul!!
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  1. Can you swatch the lipsticks????

    1. Yes I will! I have a first impression post on the flower collection coming up :)