Outfit of the Day:Casual to Business Casual

12:23 PM

Hello Everyone!!
I hope you all had a great Valentines Day yesterday. 
Today I want to share with you what I wore on the day meant for LOVE
I always plan ahead with my outfits and I knew I would be running errands before I had to go to work so I did a 2 in 1 outfit. 
Went from Casual to Business Casual, I love doing this it makes my day go so much smoother and easy to change in and out of. 

Casual Outfit 
I call this my mom outfit haha at least I think so. 
The Khakis I recently hauled from Target (here) and they are so comfortable. 
For the day time while I am running errands I like to stick to flats and of course I am always wearing a watch I would be lost without it. 

I thought the weather would be a little cooler during the day yesterday so I wanted to carry a scarf with me and as it got warmer I decided to tie it on my purse which gave it a different look and I loved it. 
..and if I got cold I could just throw on my scarf. 

On my nails Zoya in Rekha (here). 

Outfit #1
Top: F21
Pants: Target (here)
Shoes: Target (here)
Bag: Coach
Watch: Target 

  Business Casual
For my second outfit all I did was switch out my shoes and add a belt to match my shoes. 
It took me maybe 2 minutes to do and I was out the door. 

I got this belt at Target on the clearance section for $6.38. 

Outfit #2
Top: F21
Pants: Target (here)
Shoes: Target (here)
Belt: Target (here)
Watch: Target

Changing out a couple accessories will help you make life easier and still look professional. 
I wanted to wear pink/red I swear but its not as professional looking so instead I wore red nails to spice it up. 
I hope this gave you some work outfit ideas and that you enjoyed!!
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