Birthday Haul

2:00 PM

Hello Everyone!!
By no means am I trying to show of the gifts I got, I just think its fun to share. 
It's exciting to get gifts because you get to see how well people know you.
I got to celebrate my birthday the last couple of days with all my loved ones and it has been so much fun!!

My Birthday Gifts
These gifts were from my birthday party with my family.

I got some new clothes, lotions, perfume, coffee goodies, and a gift card. 

My cousin gets a lot of treats from Starbucks and they know me so well and brought me a whole platter of goodies. 

I love me some coffee goodies!

My mom always gets me a new perfume either on Christmas or my birthday, this one is called Love and Glamour by J.lo. It smells so clean and glamorous I love it!

More coffe goodies. 

Second Birthday Party
These next gifts were from my 2nd birthday party, my best friend and sister surprised me with another party her and her family also got me gifts. It was the sweetest thing and I also got to spend time with my precious goddaughter. 

My best friend got me a friendship ring, she has one and I have the other. She also got me this pretty turtle which I just adore, and a pretty gold scarf. 

Grey jacket. (p.s already wore it). 

These cute Pj's and T-shirt with a Victoria Secret Lip gloss in Mango Madness. 

I loved everything I got and I would say my family and friends know me pretty well.
I am so blessed to have wonderful people in my life who make me feel loved and made my birthday a five day event with five different cakes and full of love.  
I hope you enjoyed!!
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  1. You got lots of gifts! Love that grey jacket xo

  2. I was not expecting it lol the older I get the fewer gifts I have received but this year was a surprise :)and the jacket is so warm too I was in need for a new jacket too!

  3. Awww my love.... you're very loved by many ... ily

    -Alize Hennessy

    1. Thank you my love!! I love you both!! :D