Face Mask of the Night

9:43 PM

Hello Everyone!!
As I am typing this post I am wearing a chocolate masque and OMG it makes me want chocolate. 
Sense my skin has been acting up lately due to stress I decided to have a mask night. 
Let me mention I am doing this without my glasses haha. 

Chocolate Masque

First Step: Wipe your make-up off and rinse with warm water. 

Face Scrubs & Masks
Queen Helene Oatmeal and Mint Scrub 
Chocolate masque and Clay Mask Avocado&Oatmeal 

Second Step: Pick a mask. 
I picked the Chocolate masque. 

While looking for the instructions I noticed it is a vegetarian product and it is not tested on animals which is a plus. 

Step Three: Apply mask to the face and avoid eyes and lips area. 
(I almost wanted to eat the stuff haha jk)

Step Four: Rinse the mask after 10-15 minutes or until you feel it has completely dried on your face which is what I did. 

Step Five:  Towel dry your face and apply a moisturizer of your choice. 

My results: 
My skin feels soft and refreshed and I am so happy I did this tonight I really needed it. 
I will leave you with some silly pictures of me wearing the chocolate mask. 

What are some of your favorite masks??
Good night, loves.
I hope you enjoyed this post!!
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