Nail of the Day: Tiffany's Inspired

12:46 PM

Hello Everyone!!
The first thing I do when I open my eyes every morning is reach for my phone!
I reply to messages, check emails, Facebook and my all time favorite Instagram.
Instagram helps me get motivated with different quotes and inspires me to get up, get dressed, and paint my nails!!
Today I saw a picture of a Tiffany's box, and that inpired my choice for today's nails.

Wet n Wild's I need a Refresh-Mint
Finally got a good quality top coat and I am loving it!! 
The Seche Vite I found mine at Sally Beauty Supply for $8-9. 
Makes my life easier. 

I love this color it is one of my favorites no matter what the season is. 
It always brightens up my day and I think it makes my hands look tan so hey!
I am almost running out so I think I will be picking up a new one soon. 
What are you wearing on your nails today??
I hope you enjoyed this quick post!!
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