Wednesday Work Day

2:42 PM

Hello Everyone!!
I would like to start a schedule for what I post on certain days, today I want to start with Wednesday work days. 
Others I have in mind are Throwback Thursday's and Sunday Fun day. 
I will also be posting here and there when I get a chance. 
This will keep me in order and allow me to post something at least every other day.
I'm really enjoying working on different posts and I hope you all are too. 
Today's outfit is all about basics. 

Work Outfit of the Day

Outfit Details:
Tank Top: F21
Cardigan/ Ring: Gifted
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Swapmeet (Hauled)
Watch: Michael Kors
Belt: Target

A good pair of trousers is a must, these H&M pants have lasted me so long, I make sure to wash them on delicate sense I don't have the luxury of dry cleaning. 
 Along with that goes basic tank tops in basic colors like white, black, and creme. To keep warmer always have some cardigans, also in basic colors white, black, creme, and in my case tan.
I'm telling you this will make your getting ready time a lot faster I literally pick out my simple outfit and get dressed in less than 8 minutes.  

On my Nails:
JulieG polish in Fairytale
 (Find them at Jesse's Girl Cosmetics or Ride aid). 
I love this pretty pastel purple, I have already received a lot of compliments on this shade. 

My little friends here wanted to step in while I was taking pictures they're too cute!!
I hope you enjoyed this post!!

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  1. Thank you!! The shoes are one of the best bargains I have ever found. 5$s and they are holding up just fine :)