Sunday Fun Day: Forever Hauling

10:19 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Did a mini retail therapy over the weekend. Who doesn't enjoy a little shopping, right!?!
Quick Tip:
For me when I go shopping at Forever 21 it can be overwhelming, because all their items are spread out through the store it's hard to find certain things.
Before I visit the store I browse the website to get an idea of what they have in stock.
That way I know the sales that are going on in stores and what to look for. 
This time I had my eye out for some stackable rings, maxi dresses, and any type of peplum style tops. 

My shopping process:
1) What will I be pairing this with?
2) Will I really wear it?
3) Do I already have something that looks like it? 
(I say this because I tend to by a lot of the same items.)
4) How much is this all going to cost me? 
5) Always, always have a budget! 
I feel like even if I have the money I always need to set a limit for my self because I want to get things I need rather than get a lot of things I just like in that moment and later never wear it.


I have seen many different bloggers and ladies on Instagram posting pictures with rings.
After I got gifted a dainty little ring I really got into them and think they look great, they're also pretty fun to mix and match. 

The stackable rings were $5.80 and the chunky rope ring was $1.80.

It's really simple, soft, and casual. 
I can think of so many ways to wear this T-shirt.
For a casual look with jeans or shorts and some sneakers or sandals.
Dressing it up with a pair of heels and a pop of color on the lips or shoes.  
Even on lazy days throwing it on over some tights, sounds like I will be getting a lot of use out of this T-shirt. 

Only $10.80

Peplum Top
I can't get enough of how cute and pretty the peplum style is. 
You have to be careful tough because some of them can look like a 5 year old's top lol.
I'm already thinking of how to wear this top.
I can wear it casual with jeans, sandals, and a pretty necklace or even to work with slacks and some pumps. 

Only $10.80.
I couldn't find the same one online but I found a similar one here

The High low dress
While browsing around on the F21 website I spotted this dress on sale for $12's so I knew I had to go and check it out. 
I like to feel the material and even try the dresses or tops on because sometimes they don't look the way you think they would. This time the fitting room line was way to long so we will see how I like it. 
These are at the entrance of the store and I really wanted the black one but sense they ran out, of course I had to get the one in my favorite color CORAL

$12 bucks! 
I think its a great deal for a light weight pretty dress. 
I can also dress this up or down. 
Check out how I style the maxi dress/skirt here

All in all I was happy with everything I found and it didn't take me to long haha my sister would argue with me on that one. 
I hope you enjoyed this haul!!

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