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Hello Everyone!!
For today's Throw Back Thursday I wanted to share some more of my hair stories, I did a similar post back in December for TBT, where I talk about all the different hair styles and hair colors I have had. 
Make sure to check that out here
I recently saw a video of one of the LuxyHair girls doing a 'My hair story tag' and as soon as I saw it I wanted to share 'My hair story' with you all. 

My Hair Story Tag

What kind of hair were you born with?
Curly, curly hair. 
If you don't believe me here's a picture to prove it. 
I love this picture its of my sister and I with my grandpa, I miss him so much. 
I hope you can see those curls & my short little bang.

How did your hair change as you grew and evolved? 
My hair started out curly and as I got older it began getting straighter and straighter and now it's just wavy. 

Any fun childhood hair memories?
My first time getting my hair done, I was in the 5th grade. 
My mom asked me (all casual) do you want to get your hair done for your promotion?
I was so excited I said "Yes, of course!" 
I felt like a little grown up getting my hair done, just how I would see my mom getting hers done. 
It was so much fun for me. Here's a picture of me after getting it done. 

I got my hair done the night before my promotion so this was my hair in rollers to keep the curl. 
Can you tell how exited I was?! lol. 

Have you ever had a hair disaster?
I've had many. One I can remember is all throughout my child hood every morning was a struggle. 
My mom decided to cut my bangs super short, but because I had curly hair it was so hard to manage.
My poor grandma would struggle to get them to look decent at least (lol)
But they would still be a curly mess going left and right on my for head.  

Have you ever colored your hair? and if yes, when?
Yes.  My mom wouldn't let me dye my hair until I was at least 18. So guess what happen when I turned 18?
I dyed my hair. I was 18 and getting ready for Senior prom 08'. 
I dyed my hair from a box and I was so happy with it that I haven't stopped dying my hair since. 
If I remember correctly I used a Garnier Nutrisse color in the shade Cafe con leche, it was a golden brown shade. 

Have you made peace with your hair?
I have to say I have made peace with my hair.
I have finally let my hair be, if that makes sense. I try to apply as little heat as possible to it and I let it air dry and get its own shape. For awhile I wouldn't go a day without applying heat to my hair and that quickly damaged my hair. I have now learned to in brace my natural hair. 

Your top 3 must have hair products you can't live without?
1) Conditioner. It all starts with how I wash my hair and if I don't condition my hair it would be a complete frizzy mess. 
2) Serums. To help my hair keep its texture and protect it from any heat, including the sun. 
3) My straightener. With it I can straighten my hair and curl it all with one tool. 

Your "Go To" hair style?
On a good hair day, all Natural.
On a bad hair day, always a top not (bun). 

Your favorite hair tips?
Avoid applying heat to your hair and if you are applying heat always, always, protect your hair with a mist or serum.

Your hair idol?
Growing up my hair idol was Selena. I would see her with her long dark curly hair and I love it. 
She could do no wrong in my eyes. 
FYI I think shes the reason my mom cut my bags short (lol). 

What do you love about your hair?
I love my hair because it will keep its shape no matter how I style it. 
If I straighten it it stays straight, if I curl it it stays curled. 
Aside from when I was little when I had no hair tools, I have now learned to style my hair to my liking and I love how manageable it is. 

This was so much fun for me. I hope you enjoyed and I TAG you all!! 
If you do this tag please let me know so I can check it out!!

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