Throw Back Thursday: Best & Worst Hair

2:46 PM

Hello Everyone!!
This is a pretty exciting post for me I am taking you down memory lane with my different hair styles and color. I've had all different colored hair some have been good and some just horrible but I thought it would be fun to share. Now there was some pictures I couldn't find but these are most of them for the past four years. 

Lets start by showing you my virgin hair before I ever put a drop of dye on it. (2008)


My mom wouldn't let me dye my hair until I turned 18 right around the time I was getting ready for Prom and High School Graduation. Here is a picture of me after graduation (2008).

After this color I wanted a light brown, which was one of my favorites I ever had. I couldn't find a picture of myself but this is also my favorite picture of my sister and I. 

There was a time I really wanted blonde hair so instead of going full on blonde I got a lot of highlights. This experience was so bad! As I was getting the blonde highlights I passed out! Yes, the dye was so strong that it made me light headed and when I woke up I was laying down. Lets just say the dye was strong and on my hair  for too long after I passed out so it came out a bit yellow. Fun stuff lol 

By 2009-2010 I was tiered of maintaing my hair from dying it because the roots were showing to when I had red hair and it faded every 2 months. Maybe I will go back to red one day that was one of my favorites too. 

So I went black!

The longest I had one color was probably a year or two and that was my black hair. 

I loved it because it was low maintenance and it made my hair look healthy at all times. 

Of course I got bored of the black hair eventually and this leads me to the worst I ever had my hair. The reason it was so bad was due to me having to strip all the black dye out of my hair. If you have ever had black hair or red hair you know those are the two toughest to remove.
 So here we go prepare yourself. 

I couldn't help my self after this and added red tones to my hair. 

This was in between colors. (Summer 2011).

I got tiered of having long hair so I chopped it off! 
I think I cried a little after and regretted it for a second and then got over it lol. 

When it got a little longer I was able to curl it and that was fun!

This was December 2011 I wanted to have a plain dark chocolate brown color. 
Trying to match my natural hair color. 

And that to got old, in 2012 I wanted something new so I went with what I have now medium dark base and some blondish low lights later turned into highlights. This has to be the best hair I've had,  I feel like its the most mature look I've had but also very fun.

The day I got it done.

This was me in Vegas (2012).

I'm not sure how long this style will last but I know its one of my favorites so far.
I do suggest if your going to strip your hair or change it completely to go to a salon because they know what they're doing and you dont want your hair to turn out a complete hot mess.
But there are times when you can do your own hair at home, when I had black hair I maintained it my self at home using hair dye from a box. I would use Garnier Nutrisse in soft black (20).

It goes to show you work with your budget and what you have for making your hair look good. 
I hope you enjoyed this post I know I had some laughs and embarrassing moments. 

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