Lets get in Shape

6:41 PM

Hello Everyone!! 
In the past couple of months I have been the most unhealthy that I have been in my life!!
 All through middle school (6-8th grade) and High School (9-12th grade) I maintained the same weight and did not work out and ate whatever I wanted all the time. I think I took those years for granted. 
Now I'm not saying I'm old, but with age your body changes and it has now hit me! 
All those lucky years I had are now showing lol. It is time for me to hit the gym for the first time in my life. Side note last year I attempted to work out and sad thing I ended up hurting my knee, do to not stretching properly before running. Here I was thinking yeah I can do this and ended up hurting my self. 
This time I want to do it right and hit the gym. My goal is not so much to loose the weight but manly to tone up in my tummy and thigh area to build some muscle.  
First step to getting in shape was get some shoes!!
 I ended up getting my shoes at Marshall's they are nothing fancy but they will get the job done.
They we're less than $40.00 and I got 20% off. They feel really nice and comfy, they are also very light.

New Balance Black & Pink (how cute right)

They will inspire me to work out and get in shape.
Hope this inspires you to get in shape as well, lets get in shape together!!

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