DIY: Jeans Jacket Vest

10:53 AM

Hello Everyone!!
I debated about doing this DIY because I didn't want to mess up the jacket. This jacket I found in my moms closet!! I know right, its a great jacket its from BCBG in a small. The jacket itself fit okay I didn't really like the fit, the arms are an awkward length and it also felt bulky when I did wear it. But then while shopping around online and at the mall everywhere I go I see jeans jacket vests, so I remembered the jacket I have just hanging there and decided to just do it!!

What you will need:
A jeans jacket

In these pictures you can see how bulky it looks and the sleeves are just weird. 

Take your scissors and just cut off those funky sleeves! I tried to be as neat as possible but if its messy it doesn't matter it adds texture to the jacket. With the scissors turned to the side go through the edges and smudge out the rough part and cut any loose strands. 

And your all done!

I cant wait to wear this vest, it turned out so much better than I thought. I love it!
What do you think??
If you try this out with any of your jackets send me pictures I'd love to see what you come up with.
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 Hope you enjoyed my first DIY!

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  1. Right! I wish I had done it in the summer lol. use it on things you don't wear anymore! :)