Creme Brulee Delight

9:22 AM

Good Morning Everyone!!
                  Anyone that knows me will tell you that I love coffee and could not live without it! Every morning I have to get my coffee fix, I'm sure I am not the only one. While I was grocery shopping yesterday I was picking up some coffee creamer and I came across Creme Brulee! I was so excited I could make my own little Starbucks coffee at home and save the $5.00. So today I will be sharing with you how I made this delicious creme Brulee Delight.

Milk I used 2%
Instant Coffee Starbucks Veranda Blend 
Coffee Mates' Creme Brulee

 First you want to boil some milk about a cup in a half and add a stick of cinnamon to add flavor also add some sugar (as sweet as you want it) remember we are going to be adding the special ingredient. 

The ground cinnamon you will use at the end.

As the milk is boiling grab your favorite mug and splash some Creme Brulee creamer (again to your liking). On top of that you will be putting your instant coffee of your choice. My cousin works at Starbucks and her lovely little self brought us over some instant veranda blend or else I would be using Nescafe. 

 Once the milk is ready poor the milk on to you mug and you will smell the cinnamon with the Creme Brulee and of course COFFEE and you will just die!

And TADA your all done and ready to enjoy! 

This is what I had for breakfast today. The bagels are from VONS chocolate chip bagel the best!
Not the healthiest thing but very good!

Hope you enjoy your coffee!!
Have a great day 

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  1. that looks so good! i shall try it. :)

    1. yay ruth!! haha let me know how it taste! :)