Fall Fashion Favorites

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        Hello Everyone!!
Yesterday I was such a little busy bee my plan was to blog everyday but sometimes things don’t go as planned and that’s okay. Anyways on to the fun stuff, well just my fall fashion favorites. I have been loving this weather because I get to live in my boots and  scarves!

 I got these boots on Black Friday they were $25.00 and I thought that was a great deal! My sister also got a pair but hers are in Cognac very pretty and I will be stealing/borrowing them from her.

I just checked the website and they are now $21.99 if you are looking for a comfy inexpensive boot!


Here are the Cognac pair. Also $21.99 right now at sears.com 

I love my scarves! 
The following scarves are so comfy & warm and also very special to me. 

This was a gift from family and I love the pattern it has red, white, and black and it goes with so many different outfits it ties everything together. 

Oh Red! this one was a gift from my sister. I can throw this on running out the door and it looks so festive and appropriate for December...and it keeps me warm. 

This scarf was a gift from my friend she go it for me during a school event she could tell I fell in love with it and didn't hesitate to get it for me. 


These first two sweaters are from Forever21 I found them at a swapmeet 2 for $18.00.
Swapmeets are great places to find forever21 and sometimes H&M items they don't charge tax and can bundle pieces of clothing for you. 
A similar one in store/online is about $19.80-26.90

I love the detail on the chest in this sweater its very pretty!

Black Friday Finds

Because I shared the boots that I got on Black Friday I will share these two dresses I got at JcPenney. The first one is for me and the second for my younger sister. 

My first peplum style dress and it was only $14.00. I swear its prettier in person & perfect for the holidays. 

This red lace dress was so pretty! This was I believe $25.00. 

It was fun sharing my favorites and little deals I got on Black Friday. I'm sure by now you can tell I shop anywhere for clothes if its cute and a great deal why not. I hope I inspire you in one way or another.
Thank you for reading.

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