My Gym Experience

10:07 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Today I will share my experience of going to the gym for the first time in my life. For about a year now I have been telling myself as well as others that its time I hit the Gym and how I'm going to work out but never really actually did it! Let me start by telling you I have not worked out sense maybe high school that's going on over 5 years now. I know how bad is that right!? I did attempt to work out once about a year ago with my friend but I did not succeed I ended up hurting my knee and let me share with you from time to time it hurts a lot. I have been advised to work out in order to get my knee strength back.

So I have started this for health reasons and also everyone starts new years resolutions but I wanted to start this for myself. I have a lot of motivation to get in shape from friends on Facebook to Bloggers, Vloggers and Beauty Gurus on You Tube. It is my goal to get in shape and get my strength back, and side note sometimes I just feel tiered and exhausted and I know its just my body feeling unhealthy. 

My first time to the gym was pretty great! I went with a friend its always good to have a buddy. I could not believe how hard it was for me to keep up it was actually sad. I was on the elliptical and just a hot mess. I'm going to be honest after five minutes on it I was out of breath and exhausted yes that's how out of shape I am. I kept looking at my friend like hey I'm dying over here but she ignored me and that kept me going. I lasted 20 minutes I am starting small and giving my self little goals.

First step was to just get my butt in there!
I will continue to go the the gym and keep my self motivated. 
Do any of you work out?? What do you do??
Hope you enjoyed my little rant!

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  1. The first time is always tough lol. I almost fainted lol

  2. Really lol I feel better im not alone!! :)