Gift Ideas for Him

2:27 PM

Hello Everyone!!
This gift idea post will be for the man in your life whether its your boo, hubby or friend. 
Men are pretty hard to shop for also very expensive lol. But if you stick to basic things I think you will be alright. Depending on what hes into get him things you know he likes or things you catch him looking up prices for online or in stores. When they say they don't want it they really do and if they don't like it give them the receipt and let them get there own stuff haha just kidding. 

For the Gamer

If hes into games and he has a game console get him new games that are out right now, that he doesn't already have for example: Assassins Creed, Call of Duty or Halo. Make sure you get the right game for the console he already has. These range from $50-60.00 and you can get them at game stop, wall mart, or target. 

Something he will appreciate if he plays online for hours or if hes on the computer a lot would be some gamer glasses. This prevents there eyes from burning after playing a couple of hours. 

They range in price from $60-100+.

For the Cool Guy

This next one is if he likes to listen to music really loud when your watching your gossip girl, sex in the city or what have you lol. this will make him happy and also help you out. 

Beats by Dre

You can find these anywhere from best buy, game stop, target or mac stores. They also range in price.

Some headphones not as fancy and expensive as the above but they're a great gift or stocking stuffer. 

Funny things to get him would be phone cases, they have some really creative ones online. Get him something that matches his personalty or his hobbies. These can also be stocking stuffers. 


For the one that wont shop for Himself

If he refuses to go shopping for himself you should get him things to add to his wardrobe. 
For men there is a lot of cool graphic tees with funny sayings or hot girls on them. If hes into cars get him shirts with the logo of his favorite car for example: Honda, Chevy, Ford, whatever he is into. 

These shirts you can find at pacsun, tillys, vans stores, jc penney, sears, khols or online at Karmaloop

Get him a nice pair of shoes.
 I'm not sure which pairs are in at the moment lol but some Jordan's or Nike's in all black you cant go wrong.

You can go as basic as some classic Vans or chucks. If he has a preference in color change it up or get him a printed pair. 

A wallet. 
Unless you have a very fashionable man in your life most of them don't really replace there wallets often, this is something they all need so why not. 

You can find cool wallets at pacsun, tillys or ross
 or if you want a nice luxury wallet they have nice ones at coach. 

Jackets or coats are a great idea.
. A nice sexy coat for him that will keep you both warm. 

Sorry for my sillyness lol but I hope this helps and that you got some ideas to give him for the Holidays this year or if you don't celebrate any maybe for a birthday or special occasion coming up. These gift ideas are if your on a budget and cant go all out get him something he will actually use. 

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