New Years Resolution Time

7:56 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Tik Tok 2012 is almost over!! 
Which means its that time when we all set goals for ourselves for the new year and we keep them for the first couple of weeks maybe a month and then we just give up and say "hey maybe next year" we've all been there. Most people say they're actually going to work out or eat healthier. I stopped telling my self that for the past three years because making it a new years resolution is not going to make me do it. Unless you truly are committed to doing something you want or a change you want to make in your life you are not going to accomplish it. I have learned that the hard way and going with the flow will not get you anywhere. 

I did a post a couple weeks back about a book I started reading called 'The Magic' by Rhonda Byrne check out the post here. I don't want to say it has changed my life yet because I have not finished reading the book. But I do want to share with you that some of the practices in the book I have actually used on a regular day basis and that's a pretty big deal for me. I tend to start doing things for a while and then forget about them but with these practices I have stuck to them and made them a daily routine. 

For example one of the main ones that I have learned is to say thank you when I wake up in the morning. Something so simple but so big at the same time you are being thankful for being given another day on this earth. By saying thank you in the morning for waking up you are realizing to make this day count because you are not promised tomorrow. 

Another practice I do is saying thank you before things happen. Now this one was a tricky one for me because I usually love to complain about things for example: 'I know I'm going to be late and not find parking when I get there so whatever!' that's normally my attitude. And as you start using this practice you will say things like "thank you for letting me be on time" or "thank you for letting my family and I get home safe today". Something I have never done before say thank you before things happen.

I have to say I feel like this has worked for me on so many different occasions for example, silly me the other day I left the lights on in my car and the battery died. I had to leave for a meeting but the whole time I was telling my self "thank you for getting me home" and hours later when I got to my car it turned on like nothing ever happened. And you may say well okay the battery charged by the time you got back but just as well my battery could have been dead and I could have needed a complete new one.

But by being positive in your life positive things will come your way and after reading that book I completely believe in that. If you sit there and stress about the small stuff you will not allow yourself to look at the bigger picture.

The biggest thing this book taught me was to be grateful for people in my life and be grateful for what I have no matter how small it is and maybe I will do a different post on that part because I feel like I have rambled enough lol. But I started this blog so that my experiences in my life can help anyone out there going through the same things. So I will occasionally post things when I just tell you how I am feeling that day. With that being said, today I am feeling grateful for what I have in my life and my new years resolution will be to continue being grateful. I hope you enjoyed this post! What are some of your new years resolutions??

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