Gift Ideas for Her

12:33 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Today I will be sharing gift ideas for Her the ladies in your life your mom, sister, cousin or girlfriend. All of these gifts I have either received as gifts in the past and loved them or they are things I have given as gifts and that person loved and even things that are on my personal wish list. 

Scarves are great gifts!
 You can find all kinds of scarves everywhere from Target, Forever21 and H&M. 
Here are a couple of examples:

Blue Scarf Forever21

Scarf & Beanie Set H&M

One of our family traditions is on Christmas Eve we all get new pj's and I have to say I look forward to it ever year. 
This is a great gift to give a girlfriend, cousin, or sister.

I would personally love to get these how cute are they! 

If you want to make it more fun go with a pair of footie pajamas how fun are these!?

These make a great gift and make it very thoughtful. 
You can find them at Target

Nail Polish 

I don't know any girl that will say no to nail polish, well if there into beauty things. These can be great stocking stuffers if you get there favorite colors. As a gift a gift set is a great idea, they can try out different colors and add to their polish collection. 

This is a really nice set at Sephora right now the Ciate manicure set something fun for her.

You can get a set like the elf above or essie polish and use them as stocking stuffers.

You can give her a statement piece or something simple for everyday wear. 
I don't purchase a lot of jewelry my self but most of the stuff I have is from Forever21 or Rolling Threads which I love!! I actually had the chance to meet Ale the owner and she is so sweet and all her stuff is great quality. 

A bracelet in her favorite color is such a nice and thoughtful gift, she will appreciate it. 

A statement ring is another great idea Rolling Threads has some awesome choices check it out. 

Tights or leggins
What girl doesn't need another pair and these pairs that I have recently come across are such an unexpected gift it will make you girlfriends very happy. 
Check out Shop Love of Fashion she has great tights,  they are so fun and nothing I have ever seen before.

The gift ideas for Her are endless only because I feel like I'm shopping for my self haha. I hope this gave you some ideas on what to get Her either as a gift, stocking stuffer or last minute gifts. 
Happy Shopping Ladies!!

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