Whats in my bag? TAG

4:57 PM

Hello Everyone!!
This is a TAG I have always wanted to do I love seeing what other girls have in there purse, how weird is that lol. Today I will be sharing what I carry around in my bag everyday! 

The bag I am using right now is my Coach handbag. I love this bag it looks small but it fits all of my stuff and more.

I'm sure I carry around more than I need too but what if that one day I take out my band aids and I cut my finger or trip and bleed everywhere! You have to be prepared!
Has that ever happened to you when you take something out and you need it later on??

From the top: 
1. I have my coach clutch which I use as a wallet it comes in handy when I need to run to the store or to put gas I don't need to carry my whole bag.
2. Orange coin purse I got this recently at wall mart, I found a similar jelly like coin purse at Forever21 in a heart shape I was so sad I didn't see that first. 
3. These are things I like to carry to be prepared or if a friend or someone has an emergency: always wipes, mini pad and band aids.
4. Deodorant Lady Speed Stick I actually got this deodorant in a travel kit and I liked it so much I got it in the regular size. It works really good lasts all day and it doesn't smudge on my clothes which I appreciate. 
5. My notebook I always need something to write on whether its notes for work, meetings, dates, or appointments for my self or my younger brother and sister.

6. I didn't realize how many lip products I carry around, just in case I need a new look. 
Lip Products:
EOS Lip Balm 
Wet N Wild 514A
Baby Lips Peach Kiss
Baby Lips Pink Punch
L'oreal Paris Fairest Nude 800

7. Hand sanatizer you will always need this!
8. Hair ties
9. Grace Perfume it smells nice and clean 
10. I Pod I have been loving playing old songs none of the new stuff
11. Bath & Body Works Body Butter in Sweet Pea with this cold weather my hands get dry at times so I have to carry this around and its so small it fits everywhere.
12. I always carry around gum, mints or candies right now I have Ice Breakers Duo in Strawberry. 

This is everything in its place...

and this is with all the mess I add to it my radio, charger and I Pod cable. 

I hope you enjoyed looking through my bag!
Whats in your bag??
Ps. If you want to see a close up click on the picture and the image will come up bigger (I just learned this and had to share)

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  1. I love whats in my bag tags!

  2. me too!! thank you for reading/ visiting my blog :)