Last Minute Gift Ideas

10:23 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Today I did some shopping with my grandma we were out for hours and she still forgot some people. That made me think of last minute gifts on the day of Christmas! No matter what you do every year if you start shopping early you will always forget someones gift, it happens to my family and I all the time. So lets say its Christmas day and you find out so and so is going to be attending the Christmas party you think to your self shoot I didn't get them a gift or you forgot a gift for the party host. 
Today I will share some quick last minute gift ideas. 

One of the quickest things you could gift someone is a Gift Card you can't go wrong and they will never know you got it for them on the way to the party haha just kidding. 

Movie tickets for AMC, Edwards, and Pacific Theaters always fun to give. Instead of movie tickets you can gift them a movie something you know they will enjoy!

This next one you can find anywhere from target, walmart, or drugstores. 
Coffee Mug Sets, they are all in a set and wrapped for you. If someone is a coffee lover or for families hot coco sets are great!

These cute mugs I found at target, they have a small chalkboard section for notes how cute is this! I have seen DIY's on YouTube for this if you have time to be creative, but these are ideas for last minute take it and go!

Blankets to cuddle in, you can never have enough of them.

Warm fuzzy socks.

Chocolates, unless you know they dislike chocolate this is a great idea. 

I hope you don't forget anyone on your list but if you do I hope this gives you some last minute ideas. Remember these are all gifts you can find at target, walmart, or any drugstores assuming the mall will be packed and or closed by the time you head to your Holiday party.  In case the only thing open near you is a Liquor store grab some lottery tickets, they will have to thank you if they win and also share! 
Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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