Holiday Party OOTD

9:11 AM

Hello Everyone!!
Yesterday we had a holiday party at work it was so much fun I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We did a white elephant, which I had never done before it was so funny and so much fun I ended up winning a men's silver watch that I'm excited for. Sense we dress up for work all the time this party was really causal. I wanted to wear something really warm and comfy. 

What I wore:
Black long sleeve Target
Tights Target
Jeans Forever21
Scarf Christmas gift
Trench Coat Thrifted
Boots Sears

I ended up throwing some jeans over the leggings it was to cold yesterday. But I was really warm and super comfy. 

My lovely little sister helped me take some pictures, it was so funny to take pictures some ended up a little to blurry. Shes no photographer but I love her so much for trying. 
Hope you enjoyed!

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