Thrifting Haul

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Thrifting Time
A couple of weeks ago my mother invited my sister and I to go thrifting with her, shes not a big fan but she did hear some good things from this particular thrift store. Today I will be sharing with you the great deals I got. 
First let me tell you I personally watch A LOT of You Tube videos. That is where I get most of my  thrifting tips & tricks. One tip I have learned is to know what your looking for before you go in. 
I was on a hunt for a jacket, any type of black jacket really, and some work clothes.
I will share prices and similar things I found online below each item.

My first find was this amazing trench coat! 

H&M trench coat 
Thrifted $14.99
Online $49.95

Gap Sweater 

Thrifted $9.00
Online $39.95-49.95

J. Crew Top

Thrifting $9.00-11.00
Online $72.00-75.00

Mossimo Supply Co. Top

Thrifitng $6.00-7.00
Online $17.99


Thrifted $6.00

Ann Taylor Sweater

Thrifted $11.00-12.00
Online $49.94

Black & White Striped Top

This top i loved! I could not pass up, but as you can see it has a little damage to it.
My solution throw on a bright scarf.

Thrifted $5.50

This last one is the best deal I found!! I almost died...
Steve Madden Pumps

Because I am on a budget these type of shoes have always been a dream in the future lol but I found them for $22.50! 
Online $99.95

These were my little finds on that shopping trip hope you enjoyed and until next time
P.s This was my first real post so if things are a little off bare with me I will learn eventually right? 

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