Getting Fancy

3:53 PM

Hello everyone!!
               Today I will be sharing my nail polish creation of the day. I have been wearing the same color for about a week now and I decided to add some sparkle into my life! To get fancy with my nails I added some GLITTER, who doesn't love glitter right!? 
First to remove nail polish i love this 100% acetone I know its not the best for your nails but it gets the job done.

The Colors I used:
Wet n Wild Wet Cement
Sally Hansen Hard Nails in Twinkle Twinkle
Sally Hansen Strengthening Top Coat

 As a base I used Wet n Wilds' Wet Cement the color alone is so pretty and I feel like it makes your nails look nice and clean. 

I topped that off with Sally Hansens' Strengthening Top Coat (love this stuff). Make sure you let that dry before moving on. 

And for the finally I added the sparkle to the tips of my nails, using Sally Hansens' Hard Nails in Twinkle Twinkle (how cute is that name). All I did was paint the tips of my nails with the glitter almost like a french tip. 

And your all done it is super simple you can do it with any colors and match the glitters to it. 

I love the sparkle!

On instagram yesterday one of the YouTubers' I watch posted a similar look with different colors check her out @innerbeauty34 shes awesome. 
 I thought it was pretty cool that we did the same thing to our nails that day. 

When I matched these colors together I was inspired by winter wonder land or something, and being as I cant draw on my nails to save my life, I came up with this inspired look. 

Hope you add some sparkle in your life.
 If you do send me pictures to instagram @sillybob90

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