A Touch of Green

8:53 PM

Hello Everyone!!
The last couple of days I have been pretty sick with the flu and unless I needed to leave my house I haven't. Today my mom wanted to go get a Christmas tree so of course I had to join them. I was inspired by the green of the trees and I added a touch of green to my outfit. Green was also my grandpas favorite color so even tough its not my favorite color, its a special color to me. 

Here are a couple of pictures of my outfit today while looking for a Christmas tree. 

What I'm Wearing:
Sweater Forever21
Jeans Vest DIY
Scarf Gift
Jeans Forever21
Boots Sears

I had to show a close up on this ring it has been one of my favorites lately. Check out RollingThreads.com for statement rings like this one. On my nails Cooper Penny (932) by Revlon. 
This outfit kept me warm and comfy and I am all about that when I'm sick.
Hope you enjoyed!!

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  1. How do I follow u? :)

  2. If your on a comptuter go to the top right of the blog and you can follow two ways through email or join the site. if your on ur phone first click on(view website version) th at the bottom of the blog. then do the same thing. thank u for checking it out! :)