April Wish List

1:56 PM

Hello Everyone!!
I'm so excited for the weather to keep warming up!
I do love the cold weather staying cozy and snuggling up but change is always good.
I have seen a lot of new trends going around and a couple of the things that stood out to me are on my April Wish List.

My April Wish List 

Now let me go into detail and tell you why each one of these pieces stood out to me and let you know where you can find them. 

1) Let's start with shoes. 
Everywhere I go and look I see these types of strappy heels and I'm in love!!
I remember my mom having similar ones back in the days and I always thought they looked really classy and chic.
 Now that they are on trend I can't wait to get me a pair. 
This particular pair is from the Prabal Gurung line at Target
To be honest I'm waiting until the go on sale or clearance, I know they will be a bargain soon. 

2) The black&white maxi dress.
 This one has been on my wish list for awhile now, I just have yet to find the perfect one for me. 
You would think how hard could it be to find a simple stripped dress, but I always find them and they have another print or color on them. I recently came across this one at Forever21, but looks like I am to late because they are already sold out at least on the online sales section. 

3) Jeans Jacket.
The jeans jacket is a great way to keep warm during the colder days of Spring/Summer.
I'm currently loving this one here from Forever21, because it would feel like a hoodie so super casual look but still look cute and stylish. Since I decided to DIY my only jeans jacket I need to get me one soon. 

4) Necklaces. 
 I have been looking for new jewelry pieces for the spring time, normally I tend to wear more necklaces and bracelets in the spring and summer time and I really need to add to my jewelry collection. 
I was browsing around F21 and found this really pretty flower necklace, also sold out by now, but this is something I will be looking for while doing some spring hauling. 

5) The White Blazer.
I think the white or cream blazer is a perfect piece for transitioning your wardrobe into spring and summer. 
Most blazers are light weight, they will keep you warm and go really good with your spring florals, neons, and pastels. It's defiantly something different from the classic black blazer. 
I found this nice one at H&M.
 I think H&M has great blazers at reasonable prices. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!!
What's on your April Wish List??

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