Throwback Thursday: Minnie Mouse Party Planning

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Hello Everyone!
I think that in another life I must have been a party or event planner, I say that because I love planning parties picking themes, colors, favors and little DIY projects I just love them all.
Last year, I helped one of my good friends plan her baby shower, I loved every part of it. 
Yes planning events or parties is stressful, good thing I have yet to plan one all on my own, but at the end when you see how everything turns out it's all worth it. 
Sense my friend is starting to plan her babies first birthday I decided to do a throw back to her baby shower last year. 
Her baby is my goddaughter and I love her to death, any chance I get to spend time with her I will take it. 
So her first birthday is very special to us all. 
Let's go back to her baby shower...

Minnie Themed Shower 

This was my contribution to the shower decorations and favor. 
Let me start by saying when she brought it to my attention that she really wanted a diaper cake, I was like "What the heck is that??"
I had never heard of it, so of course I looked it up and learned how to make one.
Basically, the diaper cake is rolled up or side to side diapers placed in the shape of a cake. 
After you build the shape you add decorations from the shower in this case Minnie and Pink. 
You also add little things here and there, I added a bottle, pacifiers, socks and the big Minnie doll on top.

I had lots of fun making this diaper cake.
If your going to try to make one be aware the rolling of the diapers is what takes long.
 I had my sister, her boyfriend and my grandma help me on that one. 

The party favors were these Hershey bars you see in the middle of the cake. 
I had seen similar ones for different parties and I asked a friend to help me make them.
I knew if I made them they wouldn't look as put together. 
If you want the info to the person who made the Hershey bars please let me know, she has her own business and is very professional.

You can customize the bars to say and look exactly how you want. 
We asked for it to say 'Welcoming Baby'...and the date of the shower. 
For the back we wanted it to be cute and simple. My favorite part was "one sweet baby girl", its so precious. 

Here is the beautiful Minnie Cake and the diaper cake next to it. 
You can see it was pretty big. 

Everywhere we could add pink and Minnie to we did ,lol, even the diapers themselves had Minnie and Mickey on them. 

I can't wait to help plan her first birthday which will again be Minnie themed sense she loves her Minnie.
If you follow me on Instagram and Pinterest (links on the upper right corner) you will see what we are aiming for this time. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, who doesn't like a little party planning?
If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

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    1. Thank you!! I'm trying to be super creative for her First birthday :D
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