Blogmas Day 2: Cyber Monday

8:01 AM

Hello Everyone!
Okay, so lately I have done some online shopping here and there and I have really been enjoying it!
Now, as you may know, I'm a crazy control freak so when the package is taking forever to be delivered I start freaking out; that part I don't enjoy (lol). Aside from that it's so much easier to shop online, it saves a lot of time, stress, and just overall saves the hassel of dealing with other people and fighting for deals. 
This is the main reason why I didn't do Black Friday shopping this year, because the last couple of years I've waited in line and started shopping by 4 or 5 a.m. (What was I thinking!?!)
Anyways my point is the deals online are awesome!
Most of my favorite stores have great deals and I can sit here in my comfy's, sipping my coffee and just move my little fingers.

Here are some of the good deals I have found so far:
(Feel free to share any deals you have come across as well). 

Cyber Monday Deals
This has to be one of my favorites to shop at because they always have good deals on accessories and basics. 

Leather Bag: $20's Tights: $7's Key ring: $3's 

I would personally love any of these, they have plenty more on the website. 
These would also make great small and personal gifts to the ladies in your life. 
Remember something that shows a thought behind it is always better, even if it's small. 

Forever 21 has great deals on everything right now!
The sweaters are ranging from $12-20's.

Cyber Monday

Heart Sweater: $14.90 Cardigan: $22.96 Striped Sweater: $17.36
(As of Sunday Night)

Very casual & cute. 

The last site I want to share with you is for make up, for that beauty lover in your life.

Big Sale

Prices (Insane)
88 Color Eyeshadow Palette: $7.95
Flawless Brow Trio: $3.95
Blush Duos w/ a Kabuki brush: $4.95
Glamorous Blush: $9.95

These are all gifts any beauty lover would appreciate and fall in love with, it also doesn't break your bank by gifting them. ;)

Most sites posted the sales last night so I was able to start this post a little early but Forever 21 prices a little crazy right now, make sure to check them out!
I hope you find this helpful to shop for the girls in your life or even for yourself!!
Thank you for stopping by!

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