Blogmas Day 14: I Love Nail Polish TAG (Winter Edition)

7:03 PM

Hello Everyone!
I've attempted to do this TAG before but I kept changing my favorite polishes and what not (lol) so here is my winter edition one. I'm also sure these favorites will change soon. And if you follow me on Instagram, then I'm sure you have noticed how often I change my nail polishes, so this is a really fun TAG for me.

I Love Nail Polish TAG (Winter Edition)

1. Favorite base coat?
As a base I have been applying my Sally Hansens Nail Strengthener.
Which I love!
It has helped my nails stay strong and it has allowed them to grow very long!

2. Favorite top coat?
Since I purchased it for the first time this has been my go to top coat, I won't do my nails without it!
It makes my nails dry so quickly and leaves them very shiny.
I get asked a lot if I have gel nails on, but I say no it's my Seche Vite top coat.

3. Top 3 Favorite nail polish brands?
Hands down these are always the polishes I gravitate towards.
If they are on sale or on clearance I always find them.


4. How often do you paint your nails?
Lately I have been doing my nails at least 3-4 times a week. I can't decide on a color or as soon as I see a chipped nail I have to change it!
(Check out one of my quick nail tips I did recently here, I really use it a lot).

5. Favorite neutral nail polish?
I love any cappuccino looking nail polishes that look so natural on the nails.
When I want a break from color this is the polish I use.

Sally Hansen in Malt

6. Pink or Red nail polish?
For this season I am all about the red, so I have to go with that one! I can't get enough of them they look so festive and very sexy, I think.

Julie Nail Color in Cherry on Top

7. Glitter or matte nail polish?
Glitter all the way!
It just makes the nails look so much more fun and pretty. I like to add it to an accent nail, on all the nails or sometimes just the tips.

Julie Nail Color in A Start is Born

8. Your go to nail polish at the moment? 
Has to be this Julie Nail Color polish I am seriously obsessed with it.

Julie Nail Color in Elegant Edge

9. What's on your nails now? show us;)

Armand Dupree Nail polish strengthener
(Check out my nails of the day post for more details on these nails here). 

10. If you had a nail polish line how would you name it?
I'm honestly not sure. =/

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Share your favorite nail polishes of the moment with me down below!

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