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Hello Everyone!
These have been my favorite beauty products in the past month, they technically are my August favorites but they have carried over to this month so I consider them to be my loves at the moment.
Most of these products I hauled from ULTA last month so make sure to check out that haul here.

Favorite Beauty Products

List of Products: 
Yes to Grapefruit Target
Yes to Cucumbers Target
L'oreal Paris Magic Lumi-Primer $12.99 ULTA
NYX Concealer $4.99 ULTA
Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies Big Eyes Mascara $7.99 ULTA
Super Skinny Eye Marker $8.99 ULTA
Travel Essential Real Technique-Brush Set ULTA
L'oreal Members only $4.99 Target
Milani Nail Polish in White on the Spot Target
MICA Beauty Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in Tease MICA Beauty

Make up remover Towelettes 

I picked up the travel size awhile back to give them a try and I really liked them so since then I picked up the bigger size. I keep the travel size towelettes in my purse for those days at the end of a days work that I just want to take of my make up and can't wait to get home. 

Both of these towelettes leave my face so fresh and clean feeling. 
One thing I do want to mention is the YestoGrapefruit towelettes has a little tingly feeling after you use them, I personally don't mind it. These wipes are meant to brighten and exfoliate your skin so I think that's what the tingly feeling is doing. 

Primer & Concealer 

When I use this L'oreal Magic Lumi Primer I always use the same steps which are: 
Apply foundation & concealer where needed
Apply face powder
Finish with the ELF make up mist & set
I've mentioned the Elf mist & set before it's also one of my favorites lately but I feel like I have mentioned it enough (lol). I think it makes a big difference to how long my make up last and the finish of it too. 

The concealer is amazing it hides any imperfections and keeps zits and any acne covered up for a long period of time. I have found my self to re-touch throughout the day depending on what I am doing. Most of the time I just leave my make up alone all day and just check for smudges or any dry spots if I have acne that day. 
I would definitely recommend this concealer.  


First of all excuse how dirty the brushes are in this picture! 
I recently saw a video from Emjustlikeyou where she spot cleans her brushes, so I promise that I followed the steps in her video to clean these brushes up, except I used the ElF daily brush cleanser, and it worked great. These are some of the best quality brushes I have purchased so I want to make sure to make them last as long as possible. They are great brushes by far my favorites. 

I use the multi task brush for powder foundation, 
The essential foundation brush I use to apply my concealer. I first dot the concealer on my face and then tap it in with this brush. It leaves a much cleaner look in my opinion.
The doomed shadow brush I use to apply a brown shadow on my eye lids, this is the usual look I go for, and I love how soft this brush is on my eyelids.  
 Overall I love these brushes and I give them a 5 out of 5. 


Shimmer Shadow

I purchased this shadow a couple of months back and I forgot about it until last month when I applied it on my eye lid out of curiosity one day and it looked so pretty it had a pretty shimmer to it and I've been using it since. I don't normally apply it on my full lid I just use it as a highlight, it makes the brow bone look so pretty. I also add a little bit of it in my inner tear duct. 

Eye liner & Mascara

The mascara is amazing!
It makes my lashes look so long and gives them the right amount of volume, because this mascara makes my lashes look so nice, at least in my opinion, sometimes I wear just mascara with no eye liner. 

The NYX super skinny marker is pretty cool. 
It's a lot easier to apply than other eye liners because it's very sturdy and it's literally like your writing/drawing on your eye lid. Although I have to say the lasting power on me is not that great, I have very oily lids even with primer and this liner doesn't last as long as I would want it too. It also transfers on to my eye lid and when I have a winged liner and my eyes water from allergies and I wipe on accident the whole winged liner part rubs of really easily. 


I am obsessed with these two nail polishes!
I have been switching these two colors back and forth for over a month now. 
I am currently wearing the L'oreal 'Members Only'. 
Excuse the mess on the Milani polish, that white polish can act like white out (lol). 

This post kind of turned into a mini review on each item, I have yet to review most of these items. If your interested in seeing a review for any product please let me know. And also feel free to share some of your favorite beauty products. 

Thank you so much for stopping by & 
thank you to all of you have entered the Mac Cosmetics Giveaway, make sure to check it out if you haven't already. 

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