June Favorites

9:48 PM

Hello Everyone!
So I think I'm a little late for my June Favorites, but I still wanted to share them with you all.
These have been some of my necessities for surviving this heat;
 June Favorites

My Faves:  
Sally Hansens Nail Polish Remover
Garnier Fructis Tripple Nurtition
 Calamine Lotion
Julie in 'Cherry On Top'
Sally Hansens Sugar Coat in 'Bubble Plum' (100)
Bath & Body Works Mini lotion in Malibu Heat
Revlon Lash Potion
Butterfly hair clips


I've mentioned this red polish before and it is my all time favorite red.
In the past the reds I have used are so hard to work with they're sticky and get very messy, not this one. 
This polish glides on and all you need are two coats and your good to go.

The Sugar Coat polish was so much fun to wear it felt very cool on the nails and gave a cool effect.
The only thing I have to say about it is that it smells.
Every time I would eat something I noticed my food smelled funky (lol) but I finally figured out my nails were the smelly ones, aside from that I love this stuff I plan on picking up different colors.

I have used this bottle up in less than a month, yes I do my nails a lot.
This stuff removes the polish very easy and it also smells good not as strong as acetone or other polishes. 
I have also noticed by not using acetone and using this awesome stuff, which claims to strengthen nails, my nails have been a bit stronger and I haven't had them break as much as before I started using this. 
So I will be picking this up as soon as I run out.


This lash potion has been good to me. 
I haven't used liquid liner much so all I have on my eyes is this mascara. It makes my lashes really long and makes them look great. I personally really like it and I will be re purchasing it but trying out the non waterproof one because this stuff is hard to remove I will say that. 


This stuff is amazing.
It's a multi-purpose oil, you can use it on your hair, body, and face.
I have tried it on all 3 and it works great.

I use it straight out of the shower first on my arms and legs, then whatever is left I use on my face.
After my hair is a little damp I go ahead and spray this on and it leaves my hair soft, smelling good and easy to work with. Now don't spray it straight to your roots it will be an oily mess, trust me! 

As for my skin it has made my skin look so much better and I also recently got a really bad sun burn on my arms and this definitely helped. It began to peel but it wasn't dry and it also peeled very fast and it didn't last too long and I believe this stuff is the reason why it heeled so much better. 

Hair clips were my favorite throughout the whole month of June. For some reason I couldn't find any hair ties and I know I have a bunch I just don't know where they hide from me (lol). 
Anyways these clips are so cute and it helps get your hair out of your face and out of the way, I also styled my hair with them doing half up hair do's with them. 
*Oh and good news; I found some hair ties, good thing I didn't but any new ones!


So let me be honest with this one, it might be a little TMI but it's the truth. My skin has always been very delicate to any insect bugs and in the couple of years my mom and sisters dog has broken out with flies and even tough they get her medicine for it they always come back. 
Apparently I am the only one that gets affected by this, I get bites everywhere. 
This stuff helps the itching and the doctor has prescribed a cream to help with the inflammation. 
And to be honest it's really embarrassing to have all over my legs and it is one of the main reasons why I don't wear shorts and dresses as much and in the summer time it gets worse. 
* Also, if you have any tips please, please, please let me know. 

 This little lotion has been my little purse friend, it smells so good! 
It literally reminds me of the beach and just summer time, I love it. 
Travel size stuff is my favorite. 


My last favorite for the month was and still is this key necklace. 
I love how pretty it is and the meaning of it of course too. 
I got it for my 1 year with my company. 
It reminds me every time I wear it how my hard work always pays off and no matter what, I have to keep on going even when I get lazy. 

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