The Gentle Power of Cetaphil

12:30 PM

Hello Everyone!
The other day I was at Walmart with my family and looking through the beauty/skin section I came across this awesome set of skin essentials!
I have been wanting to get the Cetaphil cleanser but was waiting for the one I have to run out, and when I saw this awesome deal I couldn't pass it up. 
So I'm sure it is limited to when they run out of the sets and I've only seen it at Walmart (In Store). 

This set came with:
Daily Facial Cleanser (8 Fl. Oz) $4.88 at Walmart
Moisturizing Lotion (8 Fl. Oz.) at Walmart about $5-7's
BONUS 10 ct. Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

Look out for this set!
They all three come together in a little box!
I haven't told you the best part!
It was only about $12-13's (w/ Tax). 
If you do the math you would spend more on purchasing each item separate. 

I have used the cleanser before and it is so gentle on the skin and it lasted me a really long time!
You only need a drop of it to wash your face. 
I can't wait to try the lotion and the wipes. 

The cleanser claims to:
Remove dirt, oil & impurities 
Will not clog pores
The lather will not strip skin of natural oils

The Wipes Claim to:
Be quick and convenient
Remove dirt and make up on the go
Ultra soft and gentle to soothe skin while cleansing

The Lotion claims to: 
Lightweight replenishing hydration that will not clog pores
Ingredients claim to protect and enhance skins natural moisture 
Fast acting and long lasting to help maintain healthy skin

Run to your nearest Walmart if you want to get your hands on this set!
Cetaphil is also sold at Target but I don't know if they have this whole set like Walmart does. 
I hope you enjoyed this quick post. 
I also hope to bring you reviews on these items after I have used them for a couple of weeks. 

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