DIY Easy Acai Bowl

4:58 PM

Hi Everyone!!
Long time no talk, I know I have been gone from here for a really long time but I want to jump back into it ASAP!

Today I wanted to share a "new snack" that I have been wanting to try for a really long time now and that is the ACAI bowl!

Seriously every social media I go on; I see someone having one of these bowls and my sister and I have been wanting to try them. We decided one day at Costco to get the packages so that we can make them at home and to our own liking. 
The hard thing with me making them for the first time was that because I haven't tried one, I don't know if I did right (lol). Regardless if I did it right or wrong it was AMAZING!

I mainly followed the instructions in the package and added things as I went. So here it goes, hope you enjoy!

Instructions on Package:  
1) Run under water for 5 seconds, tear of the top and break up the mix,  so you can toss it in the blender.
2) Add liquid of your choice (It did suggest Apple juice, so that's what I had so I used it).
3) Add your favorite fruit (I only had bannanas so that's what I used).

Ok! So I was way to excited to make this that I didn't pay attention to how long to run the package through water until now that I am reading it slowly (lol) Lets just say I let it liquefy, I only did that with the first package. I ended up doing it right for the second one, because I noticed it was to watery the first time. Now I know for next time. 

What you will need:
Sambazon Acai Superfruit Mix 
I got mine at Costco but I went on to the webiste and you can find locations near you that offer them, some others are Fresh&Easy and Sprouts, in case you don't have a Costco near you. 
Apple Juice
(Or liquid of your choice).
A whole Banana 
(Fruit of your choice).
(I added this because for me it was to runny).
Coconut shavings
Keep in mind you can add whatever toppings you would like, from different berries to fruit, I just used what I already had. 

Let it run under the water for only 5 seconds. 

Add ingredients to the blender. 
Here I am adding two packages of Acai mix, 1/2 a banana and 1/2 cup of apple juice. 
Soon after blending it I added a couple of ice cubes. 

When you get to the consistency you want it to be stop blending it. 

Add to a bowl or cup of your choice.
(I tried to match the bowl in the picture of the package).

Add the ingredients of your choice, again here I am using what I had. 
I love Coconut so I had to use that and this granola is so good, it has almonds and raisins which added more flavor to the bowl. 

And Ta da! 
You are all done!
I layered all the toppings and tried to make it as pretty as possible. 

I ended up adding cinnamon at the end. 

Grab a spoon and dig in!
(Yes, that is a Yougurtland spoon lol).

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY Acai bowl, remember there are many ways to make it from the juice you use to the topping; make it your own. 
Also I have pinned many different recipes on Pinterest of other ways to make it yourself and the website has some great ideas too ( 

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